A.S.A. Harrison


The Silent Wife, A.S.A. Harrison’s debut psychological thriller, was released in Canada, the US, and the UK on 25 June 2013.

It quickly rose to #2 on the New York Times bestseller list and has garnered widespread critical acclaim.

North America
United Kingdom
It’s this summer’s Gone Girl – I gobbled it down in one sitting, and because of the wonderful writing, I did not feel one speck guilty.
Anne Lamott, People Magazine
This summer's sleeper hit.
The New York Times
The Silent Wife is a boning knife of a novel, sharp and quick.
Watch out, Gone Girl.
USA Today
A.S.A Harrison's The Silent Wife is a clean, understated thriller.
You can't blame the publishers of The Silent Wife for hyping it as ‘the new Gone Girl.’ It's not. It just might be better.
The Huffington Post
For those who loved Gone GirlThe Silent Wife is a quick-witted marital pas de deux featuring a psychotherapist and her philandering husband.
Vogue, “Summer’s Best Mystery Reads”
May be as popular as Gone Girl was last summer.
CBS This Morning, “Best Reads for Your Summer Vacation”
The surprises keep coming, pager after quiet page… Harrison writes well with a light touch, but her touch is devastating nonetheless.
The Guardian, US Summer Reads pick
If you’re suffering from Gone Girl withdrawal, here’s your fix.
Real Simple
Harrison has spun a masterfully suspenseful tale in which the main plot point is given away from the beginning – no easy feat. It’s a story of the end of a marriage, the end of love and how long buried secrets can cast a long shadow.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
That final revelation from Harrison, who, regrettably, died before she could see her debut novel published, inflicts the stealth damage of an icepick to the carotid artery.
Sarah Weinman, New Republic